Ever since the Legendary Arsene Wenger left Emirates on 2018, fans and football pundits started to burn their heads for guessing his next adventure. But he was calm and was not ready for a sudden change. Wenger used this interval period for setting up his mind after such a hefty time in London.

Wenger spent 22 years of his managerial career at London. It is quite unbelievable for a football fan especially if you are new to the field. In the modern era, clubs don't hesitate much to sack managers due to bad results. They don't care whether you belong to the "Super Manager's List". We already saw how things went at Old Trafford recently.

The French man holds the record for the most Premier League matches managed for a single club between 1996 and 2018. Out of 828 matches, Arsenal won 476 and lost 153 under Wenger. 199 matches went draw.

Wenger received the "Manager of the Season" award three times and the "Manager of the Month" award 15 times during his reign at England. Arsenal became the Champions of England 3 times under the French International including the splendid 38 games unbeaten "invincible" 2003-04 season. He also won seven FA Cup titles which are also a record.

According to reports from The Express, Wenger is all ready for another exciting chapter in his football career. Here, we look at his top 3 possible destinations:

             1) REAL MADRID

Three UCL titles in a row; Zinedine Zidane transformed Los Blancos into the "Champion Club". Despite his lack of experience in the managerial field, Zizou brought 9 titles to Bernabeu in a very short period. The French man cemented his name as one of the greatest player as well as the manager for the Spanish Giants.

The sudden departure of Zidane and Ronaldo were shocking to the football world. To replace such a successful coach was too tough. Real Madrid announced the appointment of Lopetegui. The former Spain National Team coach couldn't live up to the expectations. Following the defeat against Barcelona, he resigned from his job.

The Argentine Solari came as the replacement. Even though he had tough outcomes at the beginning, Los Blancos are back on track at the moment. They defeated Atletico Madrid last night and are only behind Barcelona for the title.

A club like Real Madrid deserves an experienced and proven coach like Arsene Wenger. Solari still doesn't have that big stage winning magic wand with him. There are ups and downs so far. Wenger is the right man who can bring that stability at Bernabeu.

With the financial power offered by the club, Wenger can bring the good old Real Madrid back. Maybe he could fill the void left by Ronaldo just like he found the talent of Thierry Henry.

              2)BAYERN MUNICH

The current German Champions Bayern Munich is also a favourable destination for Arsene Wenger. Despite winning the Bundesliga Title 6 times in a row, the Bavarians are not in a good shape under Niko Kovac. They are 5 points behind their domestic rivals Borussia Dortmund.

Fingers had already started to point at Niko Kovac on his tactical decisions. There are rumours that his relationship with the Colombian playmaker James Rodriguez is not that great. We often find James on the bench which strengthens the opinion.

Also, it is confirmed that the iconic duo of Robben and Ribery are ready to leave Allianz Arena at the end of the season. To replace those two talents is a hefty task.

Wenger would be the man for the job. He is capable of speaking German and his ability to find gems from youth academies makes him an ideal choice for the Bavarians. Bayern can bounce back to their dominance with the help of the French International.


One of the best teams in the world with tremendous squad depth. But still, the Catalan Giants are failing to deliver their full potential in a consistent manner especially on away matches. Despite winning domestic titles, Valverde couldn't bring the Champions League to Camp Nou.

Barca's philosophy is based on the beauty of football. They love to attack and score more goals in past. Fans often criticize Valverde for his boring and defensive approach towards the game.

From banging goals again and again under Pep to hanging upon one goal lead under Valverde, fans are not at all happy with the new approach. It is interesting to note that Barca is too much Messi dependent. The other players are not stepping up in the absence of the Argentine.

The recent form of Coutinho under Valverde is disappointing. The Brazilian loves to play in a free role as an attacking midfielder. Valverde often uses him as a winger. Phil doesn't have that pace and technique to be a perfect winger.

Camp Nou is eagerly waiting for the Champions League Title. If Valverde fails to do so, then Arsene has the chance to be at the top as the manager. Unlike Valverde, the French International has plenty of experience under his belt and an admirer of attacking football which makes him a suitable candidate.


No doubt that he is one of the best coaches in football and all top teams would be delighted to get his services. It is up to Arsene to make his final decision. Hope let us see him on the pitch very soon.


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  5. Wenger was probably one of the best managers that Arsenal ever had, but I don't think he could flourish in either of those three clubs, the play-style just doesn't suite him, maybe Barcelona might but i think that is stretching it. We shall see where he goes, I think he might flourish in Italy actually.

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